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Bella Canva

Just Hike! Muscle Tank

Just Hike! Muscle Tank

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Just Hike! Muscle Tank 

Some people confuse walking with hiking. Sis, there is a difference. Hiking allows you to experience the beauty of nature, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and really tall trees while getting in a challenging workout.  Disconnecting from social media (of course you gotta post afterwards) and Netflix allows you to connect with the earth, to find peace and yourself again.  Imagine yourself at your favourite trail, forest, or national park. Add this activewear tank top to your hiking gear and keep climbing mountains. 

Just Hike!

We all hate ordering clothes and when we get them they are too small or too big. To get the best-fit,  measure the length and width of your favorite shirt and then compare with the chart above 

Width - Measure from armpit to armpit while laying flat  

Length - Measure from shoulder to hem 

Material:  100% polyester, Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric

Material:  65% Polyester 35% Visose 

3XL - 4XL - 100% polyester (Sweat-wicking) 



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