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Many people say fitness connects them with their inner selves and the world. The unique workout clothing from Natural & Fit Designs can help this process along.

The black-woman-owned clothing company based in Atlanta, GA., features luxuriously comfortable workout gear in moisture-absorbing technical materials. The shirts, hoodies and accessories feature inspirational messages that often tap into the issues of the day. Shirts featuring topical messages such as “Make Racism Wrong Again” Lift Every Voice 7 Vote,and “I’m Still Speaking: Kamala (Harris) & Black Women Everywhere” or motivational words such as “Chocolate, Fit and Killin’ It!” and “Wake, Slay, Pray Everyday.” The dynamic collection has struck so much of a chord with the public that vegan guru Tabitha Brown included a shirt in an Instagram post.”

Tara Taylor, a marathon runner and health and wellness consultant, founded Natural & Fit Designs in 2016 after noticing a lack of well-made technical gear targeting black women. 

“The typical customer is the black woman, 40 to 60  -- some customers are a little bit younger,” says company founder Tara Taylor, a marathon runner and health and wellness consultant. “She is someone who is just beginning to work out or has been working for a years and wants to improve/maintain her health, look and feel good,   She knows that her body is changing, she needs to be healthier, and she wants to look good while working out. It could also be that woman who has tried and tried and continues to try, maybe not always succeeding but understanding they are on a journey.”

Natural & Fit Designs was born out of what Taylor saw as a need. She recalled shopping for workout wear at a popular retail outlet and was annoyed when she only saw shirts featuring white women with pony tails. She also recalled shopping at a black-oriented festival and finding lots of cotton T-shirts with inspirational quotes, but none in tech materials that absorb sweat during a workout.

“I said to myself, ‘You know what’s missing? There is no fitness stuff here.’ And then it just clicked. I said, ‘You’re going to have to create what you want.’ “

And that she did, setting aside a small office for her new project . Orders came in slowly the first 2 years then increased in year 3 requiring the need for an in-home fulfillment center at the home she shares in Loma Linda with her husband. Today, Natural & Fit Designs continues to experience growth with new and returning customers.

Here's what a couple of our  customers have to say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love the shirts that I received from Natural Fit Tees! They were a great quality shirt and the design looked terrific. The website was so easy to use and service was quick and painless. Thank you for helping me make My fitness journey cute! (Chocolate Fit & Killin it Tank )

Sheila W.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I love this tank! The fabric is super soft, it feels good on and true to size! I would highly recommend. Plus you can't beat the poppin' energizing colors of orange and purple! (Muscles & Melanin tank top )

Marie C

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’m personal trainer to many celebrities. I purchased a Tank top as a gift for my client Viola Davis. She 100% LOVED IT. I’m so thrilled that I found Natural  & Fit Designs. Definitely will buy more (Unstoppable tank Top)

Gabriela Mclain

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The Woman Behind the Designs


I'm Tara Taylor, a health and wellness consultant.  I believe that a good workout starts with looking good in your workout gear. Ever since I was a toddler, my mother dressed me like a princess. Still today, I admit, I'm motivated to work out so I can purchase more workout clothes.

Prior to opening Natural & Fit Designs in December 2016, I served as the director of a running program for inner city kids in Cleveland, Ohio, along with teaching fitness classes (bootcamp & cycling are my favs) personal training and run coaching. In addition, I've run 4 marathons, 29 half marathons, and countless 10 and 5Ks. I also walk, lift weights, do yoga (semi-occasionally), spin, and count my steps, and I like to look good while doing so.

The ability to walk, run, jump, and lift weights helps to inspire me to design and create workout gear that looks good and performs well for sweat sessions. I've got your back. So, Get Up, Get Moving, Get Healthy all while looking good with workout gear from Natural & Fit Designs!

Have questions on a shirt size, function or just wanna talk fitness?  Give me a call/text at (323)432-0493 or email me at

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