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The Company

After spending years in the fitness world and being frustrated over the lack of workout wear geared toward African American women that both looks good and holds up through a long, hard workout, I found a solution. I created Natural & Fit Designs.

Why Natural & Fit Designs

My Natural & Fit Designs collections are made from materials that can handle the sweat from an intense workout session, yet leave you looking great throughout your exercises. And each time you catch your reflection in the mirror in them or reflect back on the progress selfies you snapped in them, you are motivated and inspired by the expressions printed on your shirt.

Each was created to reflect my feelings about the black woman, natural hair, working out, running, and current events. And each shares a little personality about the person wearing the item. From collections such as "Faithfully Fit," Natural Fitness Chick," “Race Mantras’, and “First Family 44," I've developed expressive items to fit and motivate active African American women.


The Woman Behind the Designs

Chocolate twisted fit tank top, Black women Fitness apparel

I'm Tara Taylor, a health and wellness consultant.  I believe that a good workout starts with looking good in your workout gear. Ever since I was a toddler, my mother dressed me like a princess. Still today, I admit, I'm motivated to work out so I can purchase more workout clothes.

Prior to opening Natural & Fit Designs in December 2016, I served as the director of a running program for inner city kids in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition, I've run 4 marathons, 29 half marathons, and countless 10 and 5Ks. I also walk, lift weights, do yoga (semi-occasionally), spin, and count my steps, and I like to look good while doing so.

The ability to walk, run, jump, and lift weights helps to inspire me to design and create workout gear that looks good and performs well for sweat sessions. I've got your back. So, Get Up, Get Moving, Get Healthy all while looking good with workout gear from Natural & Fit Designs!

Have questions on a shirt size, function or just wanna talk fitness?  Give me a call at (323)432-0493










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