The #1 Intuitive Eating Tip

The #1 Intuitive Eating Tip

Last week we talked about intuitive eating. This week we will continue that conversation.

The first step in intuitive eating has to do with overeating. The fact that a lot of us are stuck at home with social distancing snacks isn't helping)

The fact is, a lot of us end up overeating because we eat way too fast. Have you ever been working or watching tv and picked up a couple of snacks and then didn't realize you had eaten said snacks until you saw the wrappers?!

We have an automatic “shut off” response built into our bodies … but a lot of us override it because we don’t give it time to kick in! That can mean we end up eating more food than we meant to – and more than we need.

Not only do we take in too much food with each bite AND eat too fast ... but we also don’t chew it enough.

This can drag your energy down as your body struggles to digest the excess food. It can also make maintaining your weight a big challenge.


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So the first and biggest tip for intuitive eating is to …

SLOW DOWN. Take small bites, and take the time to taste and enjoy your food. 

→ It takes about 20 minutes for your body to know it’s full!

I know if you’re used to eating fast, it can take some time and energy to switch this up.

In order to speed up results, sometimes you need to SLOW DOWN.

Another tip: If you are tempted to have a second helping, drink a glass of water and wait 5 minutes to see if you still want it. If you’re still hungry … have it!

This isn’t about depriving yourself – in fact it’s just the opposite!

It’s about honoring your body by learning to key into its messages, so you can give it exactly what it wants and needs.

Action Tips to Slow Down:

●      Take a moment BEFORE you eat to be grateful for your food.

●      Take smaller bites.

●      Put your fork down between bites.

●      Chew more.

●      It’s not a race … slow down while you eat.

●      If you want another plate, drink a glass of water, wait 5 minutes, and then decide if you still want it.

How about just for TODAY, you give this a try?


Also, if you want even more guidance and accountability I have a couple of goal-setting sessions available over the next couple weeks.  You can email me at 

 Stay Fit! Stay Fabulous! 



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